The AHS Class of 1966 reunions are distant memories, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep reaching out to one another.  One unofficial annual tradition is to attend the Western Welcome parade every August and say "Hi" to whomever is around the Lions Club beer stand at Prince and Littleton Blvd.  Many of us have been gathering there for years and there isn't a year that goes by that we don't run into a familiar face from high school or even junior high.  

Regrettably, there are no formal plans for a future reunion of our class, but that shouldn't stop us from reaching out to a long time friend to rekindle a memory or two.  The older we get, the more apparent it is that we grew up in a very special time with some very special people.

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Please do your part to keep that "Spirit of Arapahoe" alive and well!   Be safe, cherish your health and hug a loved one.  

ACH circa 2016
ACH circa 2016
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