August 19, 2022
Time to Recover!
The Class of 1966 celebrated our 56 year reunion over the weekend of August 19-21, 2022.  Thank you to everyone who attended, donated or sent your best wishes.  It was a wonderful evening for the 75 who joined the celebration at the Lone Tree Country Club.  Between the Friday night festivities and the Western Welcome parade the next day, there were a lot of folks who needed to rest up on Sunday!

We owe a big "Thank You" to Gary Anderson for taking a number of great photos and videos at the event.  For others who had their phones out, feel free to upload your photos on the Photo Album tab on the website for everyone to enjoy.

If you ever had any doubts about the energy in the room (or just wanted a chuckle), check out the following links:


There's no question that the "Spirit of Arapahoe" is alive and well!

The patio at Lone Tree
The patio at Lone Tree
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