We're doing our best to keep the cost of this event down while making it a memorable weekend for all that attend.  It's been a long time since gas was 25 cents a gallon and we could buy five burgers for a dollar.  The same goes for a group get together for a class of 350.  If you would like to help out by defraying some of the costs, you can have your dollars go directly into our reunion account.  The processing fee is 5% plus 75 cents should you decide to pay it yourself.  Either way, your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Our top priority is to pay for the meals of any faculty member who wishes to attend the reunion events.  There are fewer and fewer of our teachers around each year, and those remaining still speak fondly of the exceptional "Class of 66."  It seems only right that we make this small gesture to say "Thank You" one more time.


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